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Yelp Positive Reviews!

We have gotten many possitve reviews on Yelp over the years, and while Yelp hides them, we thought it appropiate that we showed them to you and point them out on the Yelp site. Click here to see these reviews on the Yelp site itself.

Blaise A. Blaise A.
Prairieville, LA - 11/13/2014

Good place to have body work done. Great service and good work.

Brent J. Brent J.
Zachary, LA - 11/13/2014

Took a little longer than I thought it would because they had to order special parts. Handled the insurance company for me and made sure the vehicle was fixed the right way.
The employees were nice and didn't seem to mind answering my millions of questions.

Susie D. Susie D.
Baker, LA - 11/12/2014

I picked my car up yesterday and it is good as new. The staff was friendly and respectful. They explained the entire process to me when I dropped the car off and kept me updated throughout the repairs. They took the time to explain why certain repairs were necessary. I would recommend Owens to anyone.

Jenna B. Jenna B.
Baton Rouge, LA - 11/5/2015

Excellent customer service! Always available to answer my questions when I called!

Adam S. Adam S.
Baton Rouge, LA - 10/11/2015

I have used Owens since 2000. Let's just say I have been a frequent customer. The customer service has always been too notch. In fact, they walked me through the whole insurance process always stressing that it is my right to use who I want! They saved me over $1,500 by just having me hold firm on a situation. So between the customer service, using their expertise to help you with insurance, fighting to makes sure you get THE SAME PARTS to better uphold your vehicles value, this place as gone above and beyond all the time, every time. I would not even consider anyone else in Baton Rouge, and if I were you I would not either!

David M. David M.
Baton Rouge, LA - 8/18/2015

I had damage to a quarter panel on our Maxima. Took the vehicle to Owens and after they received the authorization from My insurance company (2 days ) parts were ordered and work began on my vehicle on the 4th day. The forecast called for rain for the next 2 weeks. Despite the weather conditions, Owens was able to remove and replace my quarter panel. Re-painted the door jam, trunk, quarter panel, and spoiler to match the rest of the vehicle perfectly. I picked up my vehicle on the 14th day.
Can't tell the vehicle was ever damaged.
Many thanks to their crew and staff.

Charlotte S. Charlotte S.
Baton Rouge, LA - 7/30/2015

Owens fixed my car and dealt with the uncooperative insurance company for me. They were really helpful and were able to get my car back to me within 2 weeks. I was really satisfied with the quality of the repair and I would recommend Owens to everyone.

Melissa A. Melissa A.
Denham Springs, LA - 7/27/2015

Owens was on my side through the whole ordeal after my accident. My insurance company only wanted to pay a portion of what it cost to fix my vehicle. Owens stood firm and helped me get the work done correctly. Thank you to the team there for all the hard work and insisting my insurance pay what they were supposed to. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My car looks brand new again!

Robert B. Robert B.
Baton Rouge, LA - 6/17/2015

Great results and they made everything easy. They explained what was needed and made suggestions without being pushy. They dealt with the insurance company and took care of everything on that end. Replaced a bumper and rear door on my van and the parts and paint matched perfectly. This wasn't my first trip to a collision center. I know they'll get my business if I'm ever in need of repairs.

Katie T. Katie T.
Baton Rouge, LA - 5/25/2015

Owens is a winner! There is no question of service, quality, and reliability. My family has used Owens for over 15 years now, and we always leave satisfied and confident the job was done correctly. We have a Volvo, Chevy truck, and a Ford SUV, and Owens have worked on all of them. What we appreciate most is their willingness to work with the insurance company to complete the job properly. It's often very emotional when we bring in a vehicle, especially when it has involved our children. Greg and the team step up and assure us that they will take care of us -- and they always do! We highly recommend Owens.

Matt A. Matt A.
Prairieville, LA - 11/16/2014

Great Service and Body Shop! Don't understand the neg reviews, bit they seem older so. My vehicle had a lot of upgraded features and insurance company gave me the run around but they stuck with me and worked everything out. Got vehicle back a week ago and everything ribs and looks great.
All the staff were friendly, helpful and patient.
If u have a wrecked car and need someone to fix car right use the place.

Blake L. Blake L.
Baton Rouge, LA - 11/11/2014

Wld def recommend Owens to friend & family. Got my truck back and everything looks great.

Jenna A. Jenna A.
Prairieville, LA - 11/10/2014

AWESOME!! Being a single mom and having car damaged in accident, I was so anxious about having my car repaired and dealing with the insurance. Everyone at Owens was so friendly, explained the process to me and took care of handling everything, even dealing with the insurance company. When I picked my car up, it was like it was never wrecked. Thanks Owens!!

Adam S. Adam S.
Metairie, LA - 10/27/2014

Unreal service, they go the extra mile with insurance advice. Always have my car back in tip top shape and also the issue is fixed completely. No one else that I have used gave ANY insurance advice, and he saved me close to $2,000!! I would never go anywhere else, I am a customer for life.

Believe me, if you go to Owens, you will be a customer for life as well!

Bill S. Bill S.
Baton Rouge, LA - 10/27/2014

Really hard to believe that these other reviews are talking about the same shop! This is perhaps the best experience I've ever had getting an auto repair. The staff there was friendly, attentive, and answered all my questions. They finished on time for a fair price (lower than several estimates I received), and most importantly, they did an excellent job! My vehicle actually looks better after the fix than it did before! They even detailed it before returning it to me! Great, great, great! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

Jennifer F. Jennifer F.
Prairieville, LA - 10/24/2015

Recently brought my car to Owens. Owens worked with insurance company and did not allow them to take advantage. Made sure the car was returned to pre-accident condition. Would def. recommend Owens to friends and family.

Steven W. Steven W.
Baton Rouge, LA - 10/8/2014

When I had my Durango at Owens for over $9K in repairs they did the work right and on the schedule they promised. Owens also refused to accept the cheap repairs the insurance company wanted them to make but informed me of my rights and made sure I got the right parts and repairs. I highly recommend Owens Collision to anyone needing work on their vehicle.

Dana M. Dana M.
Baton Rouge, LA - 10/7/2014

I am not sure why so many people say this shop is rude. First of all, I think people need to know they work for the customer, not insurance. If they come off rude, it is not to the customer that they are working hard to make happy. I know because I use them all the time. They may take longer, but it is because they are fighting your insurance to pay for proper parts and service. Education is key.

Melanie P. Melanie P.
Denham Springs, LA - 6/25/2014

Best body shop in town. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I got my car back looking better than new. Really great work. I will send anyone I know to you guys. You treated me right!! Thank you again.

Lonnie A. Lonnie A.
Baton Rouge, LA - 6/24/2014

Best Body Shop in Baton Rouge. Finished the job ahead of time. Very satisfied. Would recommend my family and friends.

Fernando F. Fernando F.
Baton Rouge, LA - 4/2/2014

I had my car repaired at Owens last summer after someone backed into it. They where nice to me and got my car fixed 2 weeks after I gave it to them. They even helped me deal with the insurance company.

Now someone backed into my car again, and I'm taking it to Owens again.

Fernando F. Fernando F.
Baton Rouge, LA - 11/19/2013

I got my car repaired at Owens a few months ago after someone backed into it and they did a great job. It was no hassle dealing with the insurance and they took care of everything until I picked it up when it was ready. I recommend Owens

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